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location:WA State
classic movie:Dial M for Murder, or night of the living dead, 1950's version
band(no more than 5):Mars Volta, A Perfect Circle, Tool, School Yard Heroes, Aiden
pin up girl:Bettie Page (woah, i'm in love)
quote:that which does not kill you, makes you want to die
{other stuff}
what makes you pin up material?:well, I've been told i have the body type of Bettie Page, i love pin ups, and i'm all about lookin' good.

why should you join?:Because i've been in love with Bettie Page, and the whole 50's era for about 4 years now, and i have about 488790 pic of the beautiful bettie(number being exaderageted)
promote us in 2 places:I someone could possably show me how, i would be happy too
will you participate?:Of Course
--wow us--
at LEAST 3 pictures,no more than 10




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yes yes!!! you are so gorgeous!!! please post more pics!!!!
okay, well i will give you the img sorces so you can promote them!
<*img src=""*>

<*img src=""*>

on the imgsrc, take off the stars at the beggining and end!

love, alta
great pics:D